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BW--squareHi. I’m Cloudjumper.

I am a huge nerd. And a sound alchemist. I live for mixing styles and sounds, playing with conventions. Using sound and music, I create and stimulate feelings. I want to make you laugh, cry, jump, bang your head, get lost in dreams, clear your mind, change your life.

I believe that, in working for movies, games, the arts and the “indies”, I am giving back to the world (on top of that, I do it because I enjoy it so much). The modern media are such an integral part of my life. I spend a lot of time watching films or playing games. It inspires me, helps me relax, makes me laugh and lets me dream. How I could not be involved?

And by making my music available for free under creative commons, I want to give back to and support all the amazing creators all around the world. So please, use my music in your videos, games and remixes. Confirm to the CC-guidlines and please shoot me a message so I can enjoy whatever you made.  



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After a lazy sunday, we are looking forward to an interesting meeting today, regarding our next project. #gamedev #gameart ... See MoreSee Less

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